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Frequently Asked Questions

No. While vulnerabilities continue to be prioritised in order of impact to your business – just as if your team had done it manually – their time will now be free to do the work of remediating the vulnerabilities in order of importance, ensuring your business is far better protected.

Using our triage library, you are able to create, build and save Stored Ranking Profiles (SRP). This way when you enter new vulnerability data, the results are automatically available prioritised the way you want them. And then assigned to the right person or tool.

Most importantly, RankedRight learns your environment. This means you can prioritise based upon the average time it takes to remediate vulnerabilities. This in turn will help you become more efficient.

RankedRight can prioritise vulnerabilities from multiple sources, not just one scanner. So you have the framework to create your own unique ways of triaging vulnerabilities.

We believe that only your Information Security team can prioritise your company’s vulnerabilities in a meaningful way. This is why, unlike other prioritisation technologies, our tool lets you set the rules. So, you can override any standard scoring and rank vulnerabilities on how they will affect your services and devices.


You’ll also gain access to a triage library, to which we are continually adding more intelligence sources, datapoints and examples. This means greater flexibility when it comes to building a solid prioritisation process.

No, our pricing is fixed at £1,500 + VAT per month. This is regardless of the number of assets in your organisation.

Yes, at present we currently support Tenable, Rapid7 and Qualys scans. We are continually expanding our accepted vendors so if there is a vendor that you would like us to support, please let us know. We will get right on it!

Yes, you can use our API to connect with any ticketing system. We shall soon be launching pre-built connectors to popular vulnerability management tooling. Jira and ServiceNow are top of the list. If there is a particular tool that you would like us to support, please let us know and we will get right on it.

Sure. Users can create an unlimited number of Stored Ranking Profiles (SRP) and either the vulnerability data or SRP can then be assigned to individuals in other business units according to your cyber governance model.