Supercharge the efficiency of your cyber security team

and gain greater control over your own vulnerability management.

Simplify vulnerability management

Most prioritisation technologies overlook the fact that vulnerabilities affect businesses in different ways and to varying extents. This means businesses may be told to tackle issues in the wrong order.

When done in-house, companies can prioritise vulnerabilities based on how their business operates and where the critical areas are. However, where new vulnerability scans are run sometimes daily, the triage process is highly time- and labour- intensive.

With RankedRight, you only need to set prioritisation rules once and then we’ll take over the triage for every future vulnerability scan, leaving you to remediate more issues, in the order that’s best for your business.


your vulnerability data from your various sources


your vulnerability triage by setting prioritisation rules for RankedRight to follow


your ranked data to different people in your organisation to tackle

Why you need a triage platform

No one understands better how to rank vulnerabilities in order of impact to your business than your own Information Security team. However, this process takes up so much of their time, there’s little left for remediation*.


Let RankedRight relieve them of the pains of vulnerability triage so they can get on with what they’re truly great at – keeping your company safe.

* 53% of companies spend more time navigating manual processes than actually responding to vulnerabilities (Ponemon Institute).

Why RankedRight

Our mission is to help every organisation to gain greater control over their own vulnerability management.

Less admin, more action, greater results.


Extensive and expansive filtering process with no hidden algorithms


A budget-friendly fixed price regardless of the environment size

Easy to use

Simple to configure with no power user necessary


API-first approach to maximise integration ability


Machine learning highlights your remediation inefficiencies


Automated delegation feature for collaboration with asset owners

Create your own rules

We expose a large number of data points that you can use to build “triage rules”. Your rules are persistent which means that each time we see new vulnerability data, we will use your “rulebook” to provide customisable insight into your businesses risk.


Here are three examples of rules that can be created and the personas they would be suitable for:


Compliance Manager

Quick Wins

System Administrator


SOC Analyst

Enrich your vulnerabilities

Our platform delivers a vendor agnostic solution that ingests vulnerability data and enriches it with intelligence from 100+ different sources including:

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