The RankedRight Platform: Get to remediation more quickly with automated triage

RankedRight is the triage tool that automatically ranks vulnerabilities based on the rules set by you, the user. It then factors in what is critical to your business, and delegates it to the most appropriate person to resolve.


This means your team spends less time on vulnerability administration and more time on keeping your company safe.

Data ingest

Feed in vulnerability data from multiple sources

Many companies use multiple scanning tools in their estate. Fortunately for you, the RankedRight platform can prioritise vulnerabilities from multiple sources and scanners.  

Create your own rules to automate the triage process

Is it exploitable? How long on average would it take to remediate? Is it patchable? These are just some of the ways you can choose how vulnerabilities should be prioritised.

Priorities List

Assign your prioritised list to users

As well as setting rules on how risks are prioritised, you can also delegate your lists to the right people. Simply assign them to different members of your organisation so that they can start remediating.

Integrate with your scanners and ITSM solutions

Prefer to use an external system to remediate your vulnerabilities? No problem. Export the triage rules you’ve set on the RankedRight platform into the ITSM solution of your choice.


Keep track of progress with your Team Dashboard

View at a glance how well your team is progressing through tickets. Check if you’re on track to meet SLA or KPI targets. Identify opportunities for optimisation.

Ready to take the stress out of vulnerability management?